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Gizelle Bryant New Book "My World" - The Secrets of the Ministries

Gizelle Bryant book is a must-read. She touches on the secret society of the church. Not Limited to Pastor's cheating, what the ministry does and beyond. The RHOA star presents a mixed book of facts and fiction.

She married her school sweetheart, Ginger Williams surrendered her very own proficient dreams to enable her better half to pursue his fantasy of structure a megachurch. It's not some time before Ginger and her better half, Jeremy, turn a little D.C. church into a thriving domain catapulting the couple into a prominent powerhouse.

Be that as it may, with a greater spotlight comes more allurement and the power is defiling Jeremy in manners Ginger never envisioned. When she looks for the guidance of her friends on the First Ladies' Council, she's stunned when they advise her to acknowledge Jeremy's acts of unfaithfulness so she doesn't harm the congregation and influence the numerous business openings coming to their direction.

Singer Ashanti's Father Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas is being accused of Sexually Molestation stars

Tasha K had an exclusive interview with Stephanie Taylor on April 30th, 2019 on her youtube show. The interview is about singer Ashanti father Ken-kaide Thomas Douglas of sexually abusing her (Stephanie) from the age of Nine.


The breaking news and the interview will break anyone's heart. One can observe that there is much truth to Stephanie's story.  During the Interview, Stephanie Taylor broke down in tears so many times.

Stephanie said from the age of 10 Ashanti's father was having sexual intercourse with her which resulted in three pregnancies.

Stephanie indicated that Douglas had her on a tight leash, she was not allowed to have friends, he would hide her in closets and behind dressers, boiler rooms and touch her at his will. Douglas scared Stephanie so bad it took her to this age of 55 to tell her truth.

One should listen to Tasha K's Youtube channel to hear the story for themselves.  Stephanie manages to get away from Douglas at age 15, but currently, suffer from PTSD and has been in therapy since the age of 17.

Stephanie said she wants nothing from Douglas.  She just wants a conversation with "Tina Douglas to face her, and ask did she know?."Stephanie seems to have a lot of proof, with her touching statement just warning parents do not just let anyone around your child.

Stephanie Taylor should write a book to ease her mind more. We hope Ashanti's mother Tina Douglas speak with Taylor.  Douglas and Taylor need closure and forgiveness in order to move on. Stephanie wants nothing more than confirmation of what she already knows. See the entire interview below!

‘Games People Play’ the New show on BET Produce by Tracey Edmonds stars

After watching the second episode of the new BET show "Games People Play", it seems to be a lot like the show the "Games" of which Lauren London was apart of the cast in season seven.

The Games People Play most recognizable cast members are Lauren London and Jackie Long. Lauren and Jackie were in the Movie ATL alongside Rapper T.I.  However, the cast includes:

  • Lauren London as Vanessa King
  • Parker McKenna Posey as Laila James,
  • Karen Obilom as Nia Bullock,
  • Sarunas J. Jackson as Marques King,
  • Jackie Long as Kareem Johnson, Marquis’ best friend and assistant,
  • and more

Let's get into the show, overall if this show does not pick up some great storyline/action by the fourth episode, one viewer will be lost.  Overall the show is about how women lie to be in high profile relationships. It shows how wives behind the scenes do many things in order to hide the secrets. No real difference between the TV show the "GAME".

Rev Run's daughter Vanessa Simmons is an apart of the cast as well and seem to the one in charge of the  BBS (Basket Ball Association) and will do anything, Even give head in the car to assure the results is exactly that. Depending on where you are in the country check your listing on BET for times.  One can also catch up on previous episodes by going to BET.COM

The show is produced by Tracey Edmonds that one can call a veteran in producing film, TV, and music for decades.

Madonna's Horrible Performance at Billboard Awards.

Madonna's performance at the Billboard Awards was horrible.

Madonna needs to grow up now. Madonna was slipping all over the floor with raining falling of which she uses her own money to produce.  Understandable she has a new song and fighting in this young age of music to stay on top of the charts. What Madonna did on stage was completely not necessary. Overall, it simply just time for Madonna to stay in her lane, For God sake a music Icon just doing nonsense on stage. It was like watching a show and feeling embrace for someone. That exact how many probably felt while watching Madonna.  Overall watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Mariah out did hereself at the Billboard Award.

Mariah Carey Performance was amazing! She receives the Icon Billboard Award. In her speech, she indicated that she thank billboard for allowing her to grow up with her. She just needed a way out of life when she began and Billboard helps greatly.

Congratulation to Drake on a Winning Night at the Billboard Awards!

Drake was the big winner for the night by winning 12 awards at "Billboard Awards" Last night! Overall he's has won 27 Billboard Awards. He has outdone Taylor Swift with only having 23 wins. He also won the biggest award of the night which was staying on top of the Billboard charts for the last year with hit after hit. Congratulation to Drake and keep working hard. From Canada to Worldwide!

Are Steve Harvey And Marjorie getting a Divorce?

Steve Harvey is on his third wife and love to give advice to women. Should this be true, this will highly impact Steve Harvey success as he believes he's a relationship expert.


So far Harvey highly syndicated talk show is being cut down by the network. Though Steve is denying the rumors, so did Wendy Williams, and then she ends up getting a divorce.  Drug kingpin ex-husband of Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie has penned a memoir that threatens to blow the lid off their marriage and run-ins with the law. Marjorie allegedly is blowing through money.

Thus Far Steve Harvey is selling off property at lower and actually value and changing over names. He takes care of Marjorie three children and his. He provides them with a lavish lifestyle. Overall, if he's going through his third divorce, I am not understanding. What are your thoughts on this?

Take a look at the video below that Marjorie posted yesterday!

The New Song Rebel Soul by Lee (Scratch) Perry and The Upsetters meet Augustus Pablo

Lee "Scratch" Perry OD (conceived Rainford Hugh Perry and born on March 20, 1936) is a Jamaican Professional Recording Artist music and designer noted for his imaginative studio methods and creative style. 


Perry was a pioneer during the 1970s advancement of name music with his initial appropriation of remixing and studio impacts to make new instrumental or vocal variants of existing reggae tracks. Perry has worked with and created for a wide list of musicians, including but not limited to Bob Marley and the Wailers, Junior Murvin, the Congos, Max Romeo, Adrian Sherwood, the Beastie Boys, Ari Up, The Clash, The Orb, and numerous others.


His song " Rebel Soul" is ready for the world to listen. Lee (Scratch) Perry and The Upsetters meet Augustus Pablo is wanted to the world to know this song is "Rebel Soul" brings one back to the great reggae vibe that we don't get these days.


Listen below and let us know your thoughts on "Rebel Soul".

Sean "puff" Combs grace the cover of Essence magazine with his daughter stars

Gracing the cover of Essence magazine 49th Anniversary Issue.

Diddy also know as Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs grace the cover of Essence magazine with his daughter. The written by CHARLI PENN  shared how Combs Fell about his late children mothers death. On November 15, 2018, model Kim Porter all of a sudden passed away, sending stun waves all through the worldwide hip-jump network and leaving Sean "Diddy" Combs without his perfect partner, and four kids without their darling mother. 



As yet thinking about the outrageous melancholy her awkward passing abandoned, Diddy readies his family for their first Mother's Day without Kim. 

As they battle to push ahead, Diddy, his 12-year-old twin little girls with Porter, D'Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs, and his girl, Chance Combs, 12, with beautician Sarah Chapman, present together in a close picture for the front of ESSENCE's May 2019 Power Issue in festivity of the magazine's 49th commemoration. Inside the pages of the issue, the excitement head honcho and family man opens his heart to grant winning essayist and movie producer (and long-term companion) dream Hampton to impart his last minutes to Porter, the inward activities of their fantastic romantic tale and how they intend to respect her heritage of affection as an assembled family.

See the 49th Issue for more on the what Combs had to say about family life!

Destiny Child Musical is coming to Broadway

Destiny Child the musical is coming to the stage. Would you be interested in seeing this Musical? Well, it is coming to Broadway and it premieres in Houston, Texas. The name of the play is called Survivor.  This musical is being produced by Beyonce Father Mathew Knowles. Let us know your thoughts.

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