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Get your music to go Viral

Basic pkg:
only includes submission to Radio DJ's.
Best Value Pkg;
Basic Pkg+Press coverage, Nielsen Registration, social media buzz +10 Youtube playlist & w/ tracking provided

Submit music to 5000 radio DJs Worldwide for $10

The combination of, Somafm, accuradio and others is world’s largest independent Internet/Club/terrestrial radio network to promote music! All Serious musician should be found here.

Music promotions radio, press, college for $10

Needing Promotions for your music or book? We have an extensive contact that will allow you project to get great footage that will assist you in getting notice.

Creating Revenue Online How to make money on digital distributions.

Digital distribution, also known as online distribution, is the business of selling digital products online which are directly downloadable to electronic devices. Electronic readers, computer hard drives and portable music devices all use digital downloads to receive information and products. Distributing products digitally results in lower overhead for the artist and lower prices for the consumer. Delivering goods and services through online distribution also allows artists and entrepreneurs to have more control over their products and the creative process.
However, the digital distribution described above is not the only way for an entrepreneur to make money online. Websites, telecommuting, ad revenue, blogs and marketing are also excellent ways to generate online income.
Twitter and Facebook
Don’t just set up a Facebook account to show off your friends, travels and kids; create a facebook page that sets you up as an expert in an area or field. If you own a business, you can create a facebook page where you give advice and/or information about your business, product or services. Facebook’s “Marketplace” service is a place where you can sell an unlimited amount of goods (digital or tangible) for free.
Another way to generate income from social networking is to become an ad affiliate on Twitter. Start a Twitter account and invite your friends, then sign up with a company that uses affiliates as a part of their marketing strategy. If the company decides you are a good fit for them, they will give you money to advertise for them to your followers. Twitter is also a great way to bring traffic to your own website or business.
The Potential of Websites Websites are a great way to generate income through online distribution. Everyday creative entrepreneurs earn money by using their websites wisely. Affiliate marketing, selling goods and services, blogging and advertising for others are just a few of the ways smart people generate income online. Selling goods and services through direct distribution can be maximized if your business has a good, easy to use website.
If you are a writer or musician, with the right tools your customers will be able to download content directly from your site, maximizing your profits and allowing you to keep control of your work. The ability to provide direct content downloads to customers is a great way to make sure what you offer is always current and up-to-date.
Affiliate marketing is another great way to create income by using your personal website. Affiliate marketing is advertising or another business on your personal website. As a marketing affiliate, you will be paid for directing traffic to another business’s website or sales page.
Blogging also provides multiple avenues for making money. Bloggers can advertise their own products and digital content, or they may get paid to advertise the websites and products of others. Bloggers who have a large following may branch out into ebook writing, which fans and followers may download to their e-reader devices.
Writers and Musicians
Today’s creative artists no longer have to align themselves with a large record label or publishing house in order to sell their products and make money. In fact, business savvy artists, who take advantage of multiple marketing opportunities, find that distributing their own work is infinitely more satisfying than giving control of their intellectual property to a large corporation.
Many artists take advantage of websites, blogs and social media to advertise their work and generate buzz. Often, an author will release their book one chapter at a time in order to keep people coming back to their website time and again. Unknown, and known, musicians may also use this tact, releasing only one song at a time to their fans. Distributing books and music in this way allows the artist to make their product available for public consumption before the entire work is completed.
Taking advantage of online distributions is a great way for creative entrepreneurs to expand their business ventures. A combination of self promotion, advertising, marketing and sales is a great way to ensure that you are maximizing your profits in the digital age.

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