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Music promotions radio, press, college for $10

Music promotions radio, press, college for $10

Needing Promotions for your music or book? We have an extensive contact that will allow you project to get great footage that will assist you in getting notice.


  • Booking Agents
    College Booking
    College Radio
    Film, TV & Media Licensing
    Record Labels
    Our submission process is an individual submittal process to direct contact of the person in charge. Quality takes time and not bulk sending with no direction. Give us a try..

    $5.00 Gets You,
    1. One Category
    2. Submittal of material to choose category.
    3. Proof of submission via attached of email sent.

    Extra Gig, if you would like follow ups with a call/email which will increase your chance of being review with better results.

    1. Proof for extra gig: Share Phone Records/email of follow to contact person for chosen category.

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