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Shani has joined the colorful panel of hosts on The Longé. With Shani's experienced perspective, you would be surprised to learn that that the serenity of the Connecticut countryside currently serves as the home base for all of her travels.

Her extroverted personality was first evident in high school when she served as the vice president of the student council, head talent show coordinator, and lead actress in the play of 12 Angry Men.  Her parents continue to reside in Connecticut and her siblings have spread their wings and live on opposite coasts.

Her youthful exuberance was later tempered by a dose of New England conservatism and the rigors of formal education.  Shani gained diversified educational experiences at Seton Hall University and University of Hartford.  Her innate drive lead her to pursue independent studies in SQL programming, computer networking and mixology.  Not surprisingly, her real estate license is just around the corner.

Shanil has worked for international and domestic corporations including the Swiss company, ABB and now currently works as a senior software trainer for surgical centers.  Her profession requires her to travel 11 months out of the year and she has been blessed by staying at some of the most fun and trendy hotels in the nation.  Shani has been to almost all 48 states in the continental US and has acquired over 500,000 travel miles.

Along her journey, Shani has been quoted saying “Everyone has been blessed in their own special way and traveling encapsulates that diversity like nothing else can.”  The cultural diversity inherent in all of her destinations has honed her diplomacy and sensitivity.

Despite having to meet many distinguished professionals, Shani’s personality doesn’t allow her to camouflage her true opinion. Candor mixed with sensitivity may sound like a mantra for a political campaign, but those four words truly embody what you will hear as Shani weighs in on some of the nation’s most socially relevant issues.

Whether Shani is giving a seminar on computer software in Vancouver, or swimming with dolphins in Honolulu, her number one focus is soaking up life experiences so that she can bring a more nuanced opinion to the masses.

So tune in, buckle up, and get ready for a passionate intellectual workout!

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