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Alexander "Monte" Cobb is a well known hip hop,ballet, jazz, modern and ballroom dancer, fashion coordinator (runway coach, designer and stylist), and musical theater director. Born in Stamford, CT, he started dancing at the age of 5, training at Stamford City Ballet, Connecticut Ballet,Broadway's Dance Center, and Alvin Ailey. Traveling in two Broadway tours of ‘Hello Dolly' and ‘Victor Victoria', Mr. Cobb learned different techniques and combined them together to form his own style of being hard hitting and edgy. Mr. Cobb is the Artistic Director of Collision Dance Company, Yerwood Center Theater Arts Program, and Yerwood Center DANCE FORCE. Mr. Cobb is well known for mixing fashion and dance looks together, to combine a new clothing line that mix's movement and style….which makes “LA DIVA LEMONT” A FUN AND innovative HAUTE COUTURE LINE. His women's line for 2010 is base off “the crucible” a dark and weary fashion line that give a women a chance to open A inner being… set in 1953/ The collection is sexy extreme tailoring in denim and fur, carapace-like capes in plated leather and “sorceress” gowns in chiffon and velvet, emblazoned with gleaming metallic flames or in see-through stretch tulle, embroidered with enchanting symbols. Over size hats and feathers …making this the most talk about collection diva has ever done…
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