Why Using a Virtual Assistant Can Help Businesses to Cut Costs

Why Using a Virtual Assistant Can Help Businesses to Cut Costs

For the entrepreneur or small business owner, time is money. When trying to get a business off the ground or trying to expand an existing business, any maneuver that can help you cut costs is worth exploring. The global business climate is constantly changing as technology advances beyond the wildest dreams of any business owner. As technology expands, so does the ways in which it can help the business world become more cost effective and efficient. One very new and popular way the business world has tapped into technology to save time and money is through the use of virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants are invaluable to many businesses today. They are able to handle any tasks a personal assistant or administrative assistant would even though they are typically located hundreds of miles away. Whether they work with a virtual assistant agency office or from their home independently, the work they do covers all spectrums and is constantly being expanded on due to countless technological advances. In these shaky economic times, outsourcing this position makes practical and financial sense.

You may wonder how having an assistant several hundred miles away doing the work you once paid an assistant in the next office to handle is actually saving you any money. First of all, you only pay a virtual assistant when work is needed. You may only need them to do a few hours of work a week, or even a day. This is all you pay for. There is no part-time or full time position for which you must deal with payroll expenses. Because you only hire them to work as needed, there are no payroll tax issues, benefits, vacation time, sick time, holiday pay or bonuses.

When you hire a virtual assistant as opposed to an assistant in the office, you literally save on the expense of space. You do not have to provide an office, which cost money. You also do not have to furnish or maintain that office with heat, air conditioning, desks, chairs, or maintenance costs.

Assistants need more than just furniture to keep your business running smoothly. They need expensive computer equipment, copy equipment, fax machines, internet connection capabilities and the electricity to run all of the technical equipment necessary to get the job done. A virtual assistant provides their own equipment and you never have to worry about the cost of running or maintaining any of it.

A virtual assistant is also as skilled and knowledgeable as an actual assistant needs to be. You save yourself money when you can save yourself time. The art of running or owning a business covers all kinds of menial and mundane tasks that can eat away at your entire day. By paying a virtual assistant, you are free to do the business of running a business. These tasks can include mailing out invoices, data entry, emailing distributors or venders, confirming appointments, handling license renewals, reviewing contracts, proofreading letters or legal documents, and registering equipment. The tasks you need to do are truly limitless. As an owner or manager, you simply cannot do all of these things and more on your own. However, the amount of clerical work needing done may not necessitate the hiring of a full time employee either. A virtual assistant is the perfect way to get these jobs done in a cost and time effective way.

Virtual assistants today rely on their tech-savvy skills to land jobs. This can help your business save money also. If you are not up on all of the latest technology, a virtual assistant can be your go-to tech guru also. They can help polish your website, design better web options for your business, and utilize new software that can make your site and your business not only run smoother and more efficiently, but also stand out amongst others. This saves businesses from having to hire out an expensive tech company to monitor or design technology aspects of the business.

Many of today’s virtual assistants have worked for years in the business world and still bring their customer service skills, office etiquette and corporate ambitions to the table, only from another location. They are still the highly trained and educated sect of the business class that top notch administrative assistants always have been. When deciding on a virtual assistant to include in your business inner circle, finding one that fits right is just the same as before. You will want an assistant who is trustworthy, reliable, professional and qualified to jump in and help keep your business profitable.

Last modification: Sat 26 Nov 2011

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