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Is it me or the money? The businessman’s love quandary.

Is it me or the money? The businessman’s love quandary. 
Gentlemen, put on your business hats. If you have ever had to ask yourself whether someone is interested in you or your money, think about your target audience. This is not the group of consumers that your company is marketing to; this is your personal target audience.

Think about the ways in which you advertise yourself. Stay with me – keep your mind out of the gutter. People use a range of tactics to market themselves for various reasons. While networking or on a job interview, you dress for the position you want and talk about the skills you offer. Branded sports gear with your favorite team’s logo is worn to games because you want people to know which side you are on. The same concept applies to dating.

Many people seek companionship from individuals who embody similar values and lifestyle. Touting flashy and expensive clothes and cars will likely attract someone who prioritizes those things. Spending loads of time working out, cultivating the perfect body, will catch the eye of people who place significant importance on looks.

It’s not that romance and love are dead, but there seems to be a sliding scale of sorts as to how essential they are. On the one extreme, you could find someone who is all about finding a soul mate and could be content rejecting all material belongings. The opposite extreme is the mindset that love may not exist, and true happiness is about finding a partner who will indulge every whim. Most folks fall somewhere in between.

I absolutely admit it. Love is important, but I have no intentions of scrimping and saving for the rest of my life just to get by. Does this make me a bad person? I guess that depends on your perspective. Ultimately, I found someone who appreciates a similar lifestyle. We make good money, value strong education, and love to travel. I am also crazy in love with him… and for me that was equally important. Having money now does not guarantee that you will always have it. There are hardships unable to be resolved with money. And I believe that there are elements of happiness that simply can’t be bought. I wanted companionship that would thrive through it all.

Think about how you would answer some of these questions. What do you want out of life? When you think of having an amazing life, what about it will make it so great? Are there activities that you really want to share with a significant other? Go back to your personal target audience. Companies have criteria that describe their optimal consumers so that they spend most of their time and effort with folks who are likely to be interested in what they have to offer. Who are the people that you are more prone to have something in common with?

Once you have figured this out – and it’s not necessarily easy – then you are ready to take a look at your marketing strategy. Figure out what people first notice about you. It might be a bit tough. Self evaluation can be shocking at times. With a bit of reflection on what you advertise, you are well on your way to answering the question: Is it me or the money?

Last modification: Sat 26 Nov 2011

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