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How Can National Geographic Help in Everyday Life

How Can National Geographic Help in Everyday Life

For over 120 years, one magazine has shaped our collective world view. National Geographic Magazine started out as a small scholarly journal circulated throughout the 200 members of the National Geographic Society. It is circulated and read by approximately 50 million people and translated in over 30 languages. Far from being a small scholarly journal, this awe-inspiring magazine now encompasses three different publications and a television station, along with film and documentaries. The reason this journal has grown to what it is today is the quality and significance of what the magazine continues to put out there—stories and pictures that bring the world to us.

For anyone with inkling to learn about a new culture, a culture lost long ago or to see far corners of the earth they may never be able to travel to, National Geographic brings all of these to our living rooms each month.

The magazine has published stories that have moved millions and educated millions about the world and how we live in it. Some of the cultures written about and featured in national Geographic magazine were unknown until their stories were published. As for the beliefs and inner workings of many of these cultures, the magazine prides itself on its ability to profile any culture or belief with an unbiased view. They bring the information to us to interpret how we see fit.

Tribes that lived in obscurity can be studied and viewed by the world thanks to the exploration efforts of National Geographic. Without this magazines zest for telling these untold stories, we in the industrialized world may not have ever known such cultures still exist. There is always something to learn about ourselves by learning about the culture and traditions of others in far off lands.

Not only has National Geographic shown us what our world and cultures are today around the globe, but what our world and cultures were years ago. Stories about the reconstruction of Neanderthal DNA have revolutionized our vision of what and who they were. King Tut and other ancient rulers have been profiled, giving the average reader insight into their lives and reign that you just can’t get from a textbook.

Uninhabited corners of the earth have also been shown to our society through the valiant explorations and photographs of those at National Geographic magazine. The glaciers of the poles and the jungles of the Amazon and everywhere in between have been brought to our living rooms through extraordinary photography methods. National Geographic Magazine was the publisher of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s inspiring photographs of the deepest point of the ocean ever to be explored at that time. The photographs of animals in their natural habitats are legendary and show us a side of nature we could never see in real life.

One photograph the world knows as “Afghan Girl” is one of the most widely known photos ever taken. It was on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. In 2002, she was found and placed on the cover again. The world was collectively intrigued to hear her story and know her name. She is just one of the many cover photographs that are ingrained in our collective psyche as part of who we are as a people.

National Geographic Magazine has also chronicled extraordinary changes in our world, such as monumental natural disasters. Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, wild fires and even the slow melt of the ice caps have all been brought to the masses through the magazines amazing journalistic material combined with moving photographs. National Geographic Magazine doesn’t just bring the story of our changing earth, but they are also leaders in conservation to help save our earth.

Without National Geographic Magazine, countless stories and images that have moved us for generations now may never have been told or shown. Our subconscious is filled with the imagery the magazine has put out there and also the personal stories we all remember reading. It unites our world and brings it all home to us month after month.

Last modification: Sat 26 Nov 2011

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