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When It Comes to Politics, Do You Vote Based on Your Social Concerns or Your Business Interest?

When it comes time to head into the voting booth, you can be swayed one way or another based on many reasons. If you do not have a specific party alliance, the platforms of both major political parties can be overwhelming and leave you still guessing which one has your best interest at heart. The problem lies in the fact that as an individual, there are many things that affect your views and how you feel about certain political policies. You have both a personal outlook on the United States and what promises the government holds for you, your family and society as a whole. But, you are also a citizen who either runs a business or is in the midst of climbing the corporate ladder in search of the riches promised through capitalism. You may find these conflicts challenging to reconcile when it comes to supporting a particular political party.

One thing to keep in mind is the short attention span of Americans anymore. It is not uncommon for people to switch political parties and viewpoints several times throughout their lives. Circumstances change so easily for Americans as they enter different phases of life, from young hopeful, optimistic adults, to elderly retirees trying to enjoy their later years without fear of financial disaster or lack of needed health care. With the way our society flows and changes it priorities with each passing generation, it is unlikely that someone will adopt one political philosophy from early adulthood and never even consider deviating from it. While changing political alliances is a natural response to personal growth and change, there are certain facts that can help someone decide which factors in their life should be the guiding compass of how they express those changes. You should have views or take a stand on certain positions enough to decide whether you should vote with your social conscious or with what is best for your business and financial future.

One reason it is more beneficial to lean towards voting with your social conscious rather than your business interest is the assumption those social values you believe in will remain pretty consistent throughout most of your life. They will in effect be the moral compass which guides how you live your life and how you teach your family to live theirs. How you truly feel about social liberties, environmental concerns, abortion rights, and financial responsibilities of government, along with your views on taxes, immigration, health care reform, employment rights, and other social platforms will usually remain intact for most of your voting life. You may waver and circumstances may cause you go back and forth between a few issues in different stages of your adult life, but the fundamentals of your social conscious will be unflappable and actually shape your character.


While you may have your social conscious well defined, sometimes a political party’s impact on your wallet may speak much louder at different times in your life. However, if you are a small business owner or even a large corporate shark reaching for the top rung of the ladder, voting with the party that will best represent your business interest may be unwise. American change jobs and careers more often than most civilized societies. Where you are in your business or corporation today can change quickly. Choosing a party based solely on its current ability to help your financial growth or business interest may mean nothing in a few short years. The business views and policies you rely on today may be irrelevant in the future. A business policy or stance may benefit you in the short and possibly be an impediment for your next business venture. Also, with today’s changing economic climate, alliance to a particular party as a business asset is pointless. Neither party could prevent the complete economic meltdown America has witnessed. There is no such thing as business security through political allegiance.

Voting your social conscious will undoubtedly help you remain true to who you are. Despite the economic or financial roller coasters you may find your self on throughout your life, staying true to your social concerns and viewpoints defines you and the foundations of what you want America to be. Getting lured into voting for a party based on what could be short term financial benefits may not help you in the long wrong. Compromising your true self for relaxed fiscal policies or taxation legislation for financial gain is not an authentic way to use the vote you have the right to cast.

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