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Longe Magazine on the scene @ Hot 93.7 interview with Connecticut Against Violence (CAV) CEO Kingsley Osei

As I woke up at 5:00 am this morning to tag along with Connecticut Against Violence (CAV) CEO Kingsley Osei, the morning for both of us was not as expected.  Running a little behind to the number one station in Connecticut to bring more awareness to the mission of CAV,  I became more impress with Mr. Osei,  as he has been a dear friend of minds, as we are like minded in the sense of; we do what we can to help others. But sometimes people takes kindness for weakness.  As we enter the station DJ. Buck (Station Manager) and Nancy (morning show host) welcome Longe magazine and CAV with open arms. As 93.7 is on board to help the CAV missions, Kingsley is still fighting the people who simply do not understand him and his partners mission of CAV. It's simply people, CAV see a need in the community and took action. This action is not caused by government funding, but purely because, the need is required. As a proud supporter of CAV, Longe has seen the struggles and behind the scene workings for the company. The CAV family is working towards a goal that is to help the community, but in the same breath, having to defend themselves for doing good, this makes Longe pose the following question; if you need more information on CAV, how about asking instead of assuming?.  Stop assuming because attention is being given to a cause that is needed or you wish you had thought of first, your reaction is negative, (instead of understanding before judgement). Just ask CAV about the who, what, where, why and how, to make an educated decision! But as I stated clearly to Mr. Osei, in the car ride up to the Hot 93.7 this morning, he has to become tunnel vision in order to reach his end goal of his mission.  It's like any other "company, artist, or mission" for every 1000 that likes you, will get 20% dislikes, the ones that  do not understand or agree with your movement. But as a magazine, people who do not like you is necessary, because sometimes it's make you work that much harder.


Overall CEO Osei,  is doing what he needs in order to bring attention to a cause that was not properly understood. As CAV is still in it's beginning stage it requires the community help and assistance to be successful.  The Morning Show of HOT 93.7 Understands CAV and is doing it's part to make sure it's audience understands the mission and focus.


CEO Kingsley Osei (CAV) and Program Manger DJ Buck (Hot 93.7)

Ms.Terrelonge(  DJ Buck, and Morning Host Nancy (Hot 93.7)

CAV CEO Kingsley Osei, Nancy, and DJ Buck of (Hot 93.7)

CEO Kingsley Osei (CAV) and DJ Buck (Hot 93.7)

Ms.Terrelonge (Longe Magazine) and DJ Buck (Hot 93.7)

Last modification: Sun 12 Feb 2012

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