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Jennifer Lopez.... The Power house She has created

Jennifer Lynn Lopez has been named one of the richest and most affective personalities in U.S.”

Jennifer Lopez is a name that worth 250 million $. A name made by effort through years of hard work, starting as an actress in the movie Selena, 1997, which earned her Award for Outstanding Actress, and from there she started her career playing lead acting roles in “The Wedding Planner” to “Monster in-law”. Today, after 16 years, she became one of the most famous Hollywood actresses all over the world. She also proved that she is not just an actress, but a multi-talented woman who has the potentials that any girl can dream of. Besides her work as an actress, singer and dancer, she is now a very successful business woman. She also now owns her own fashion line. Some people believe that her original claim to fame is due to her talent in pop singing, Lopez has sold over 55 million albums worldwide and now she is a well known American Idol Judge.

Lopez follows a luxurious lifestyle and loves to keep in touch with fashion in her life. She is crazy with fashion who wore a green Versace dress with an extremely plunging neckline. She also loves to be unique in her hairstyle. She likes to play gym and beside tennis she also played soft ball in high school and now days also she is very adventurous, spending time in swimming and biking. Till 2008, Lopez is still in home with her family. In September 2011, Lopez bought a home in the Hampton for $18 million. She is a very big supporter of Children’s Hospitals as the one in Los Angeles. After giving birth to her twin babies she is drawn towards children’s charity. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony both are both very involved in Children’s Health Fund and try to raise awareness for the cause.


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Last modification: Sun 5 May 2013

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