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April 3, 2010 could not have been a better day to have the Hartford Step Off show at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center. It was a full house in its five years running. To much disappointment, the host of the show was not able to fully capture the audience's attention, and for the most part the performances throughout the show were pretty average. We cannot, however, expect perfection all the time. On the other hand, there were two outstanding performances— from the Sigma and Kappa teams — that made up for what was lacking in the show by completely amazing the audience and leaving them desiring for more.

If the Hartford Step Off expects to continue its legacy, the “organization” needs to find a host(s) that can not only pronounce everyone's name and verbiage correctly but also entertain the audience during the transition periods. There should not be whispering coming from the crowd questioning the host’s purpose on stage— as there was that day at the 5th annual show.  Simply put, this year’s host for the show was poorly chosen.



The Kappas came all the way from Philadelphia with the intention to rock the house, and with their energetic step routines and smooth transformations from step to dance; they left a lasting impression on the crowd that was simply amazing.

The Zetas, on the other hand were trying something here, what is a ZBOT? They took up over five minutes of performance time inadequately pretended to be robots on stage it was simply the weakest part of the routine. The poor routine caused the audience to laugh from the sheer ridiculousness and then later made them so bored and sorely disappointed that some people began to leave. I even heard individual stating that if the show continued in that manner, they wanted a refund.

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