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Independent Artists Can Find Far Reaching Success By Getting Distribution With KOCH

Independent Artists Can Find Far Reaching Success By Getting Distribution With KOCH

KOCH distribution has worked hard to lay the ground work for its impeccable industry reputation. KOCH has been around for twenty years and has single handedly transformed the music industry, making it possible for independent artists to reach audiences in new and innovative ways of distribution. To say KOCH is a market leader is an understatement.

They have the highest market share of any independent distributor. They are also the largest independent music and video distributor in North America. With major distribution headquarters in New York, Boston, Nashville and Minneapolis, KOCH has laid the ground work necessary to reach more people in a more efficient way. For an independent artist wanting distribution nationwide, KOCH is the way to see that dream come true while keeping the artist work intact.


The beginning and budding career of an independent artists can be difficult to say the least. Independent artists have often had negative experiences with large corporate record companies, if they ever at all received any attention from larger companies. They typically feel discouraged by the large empire feel to the mainstream approach of the most music industry insiders, marketers and distributors. If they do get noticed by a larger entity, their initial vision and voice is usually stifled or change to a point where they hardly recognize their own work. They will find they have to rely on a regional independent distributor or a national major label distributor with no real connection to their music. Most true independent artists can not compromise their music for the sake of fame, sales, marketing and world wide distribution. Thanks to the special attention and personal feel KOCH distribution brings the independent side of the music industry, independent artist do not need to give up their identities.

Since the beginning KOCH has catered to the independent artist and their needs. They have a philosophy of letting the music speak for itself and not let in get bogged down or drowned out by the actual business of music. They give a personal feel to each and every artist they do business with. This is precisely why KOCH distributing has had such a long and loyal affiliation with strong and successful independent labels. They cross the independent divide of all genres and distribute both music and videos that might otherwise be coldly handled by giant industry corporations. When it comes to distributors, they are literally the top pick for both physical and digital distribution. They also boast the most advanced independent music and video distribution facility with the added touch of serious technological upgrades. Proof of their market leadership qualifications can be found in their results. They have been able to lay claim to the largest number of independent Billboard chart makers compared to any other distributor. This distinction has been possible because KOCH is made up of highly experienced marketing and sales professionals with inside valuable knowledge of the music and video industry.

There is a process to securing distribution through KOCH for the independent artist, In order to break through and get a distribution deal you will first have to be solicited to go through the submission process. The work you submit will be reviewed. You should send a demo along with any marketing information you may have that they would find useful. Being able to sell yourself is really a necessary part of getting anywhere in the music industry. While KOCH judges the artist on the art, having a little marketing know-how under your belt can not hurt you. You should also include your sales history. This entire proposal can be submitted to the following address

E1 Records

Attn: Submissions

740 Broadway, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10003

While KOCH is an avid supporter and ally of independent artists, they will not accept unsolicited material.  They also will not respond to phone inquiries about submission status. As with all aspects of the music industry, after submission you just have to trust in the work itself and let it be heard or seen to be judged on its own merit.

Gaining distribution as an independent artist can be frustrating and time consuming. It can also cause the artist to doubt whether they really have the stomach to keep producing their art. For those who are in it for the long haul and pursue and gain distribution through KOCH, the payoff is really worth the time. The independent artist will see their work distributed and appreciated by the professionals it is handed over to.

Last modification: Sun 12 Feb 2012

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