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E-Reader War: Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook

E-Reader War: Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook

Modern technology has taken our society in so many different directions. It is hard to imagine what our lives would be like without the internet, lap tops, and other modern devices that have only been around a few years; yet they are changing the way we do virtually everything. Modern technology is revolutionizing the way we read also. Reading a classic novel, new best seller, or our favorite magazine can be done all online now. While we have been able to download and read text on our computers for some time, new devices that are specifically for reading are growing in sales and upping the ante for every tech company trying to keep up. E-reader devices, as they are referred to, have sold millions. 5 Million devices are expected to be sold next year alone.


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There are currently three e-reader devices on the market that are becoming increasingly popular. The Kindle, from Amazon, has excellent features. It can hold up to 1500 books and weighs a mere 10 ounces. The Kindle store has 480,000 books available and there is no contract or monthly fees. One great feature of the Kindle is the dictionary feature. If you go over a word, the definition will be available on the bottom of the screen. The screen is very similar to an actual book page and has no back-lighting. This means there is no glare and reading a Kindle will not cause eye strain like staring at a screen can do. You can also read Kindle books on other devices if you do not have your Kindle with you, such as MACS and PCS. With WhisperSync technology, you can still keep your place in the book even when you transfer to these other devices for reading pleasure. One new feature that is generating buzz back to the Kindle is the text-to-speech feature. This allows for magazines, blogs and newspapers to be read to you.

Unfortunately, not having any kind of backlight is great for daytime and adequate lighting situations; but it also makes the Kindle impossible to read in the dark or dim light. There is also no memory expansion for the Kindle. The Kindle is also not a touch screen device.

The next competitive e-reader device is the iPad. This new device by Apple may costs twice as much as a Kindle; but it can do a lot more for the money. It has a touch screen and you can adjust the screen for brightness. It has page turn animation, allowing you to just slide your fingertips across the screen or flick the side to turn the page like a paper book. You can buy titles from the iBook store and also use the device for iTunes, email and games. It weighs more than the Kindle and some may find the LED backlit display bothersome for eyes. However, if you wish to read in the dark, you will want the iPad for reading. You can also customize the color background and font size and color to reduce eye strain. Both the Kindle and the iPad can hold roughly the same amount of books.

The newest e-reader device on the market is the Nook by Barnes and Nobles. It cost $259 and can be bought at Barnes and Nobles and now Best Buy. This places it in the same price range as the Kindle. It has the same book marking features as the others. It can also hold 1500 books. The color multi-touch screen is seen as better than the others because there is no glare or back-lighting. You can adjust the font to five different sizes for comfortable reading also. One unique feature with the Nook is the ability to now share books. You can share purchased books with friends on other devices for up to 14 days. Also, if you visit a Barnes and Nobles and turn on your Nook, you will be treated to exclusive deals, free books and discounts.

All three e-reader devices have their pluses and minuses. However, each one seems to improve and expand on the others as newer versions are introduced to the market. As with any burgeoning technology, researching which one fits your needs and waiting for the price to level out is the best way to get the e-reader you want for a price you can afford.


Last modification: Wed 17 Nov 2010

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