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Eduardo de la Iglesia

Who is Eduardo de La lglesia

Eduardo was born in Madrid - Spain. He has always been in love with videogames, and it has always been his dream to compose the music for them. Now his dream has come true. In 2002 he started to work in Commandos 2 and Commandos 3 videogames in the Production and Sound FX Department, and since then he´s been working in several companies like Arvirago Technologies (The Lord of the Creatures), Gaelco (PcFútbol 2007), SGA (The Shadow of Aten), etc...

Since he was seven years old, he has been studying music in many important institutions such as the Conservatory of Madrid and the Federico Chueca Music School (now he performs as Choral Director there). Besides, he holds a degree in Music Education.

In 2007 Eduardo along with Juan Bautista Rodríguez  had the idea to develop  the first novel with a soundtrack composed specifically for it, and this one called “Umbrío, entre los muertos”.

Now Eduardo along with Diego González Toribio founded the company "Future World Games" and they are developing their first game for iphone called "The long Silence".

Eduardo plays several instruments such as the guitar, the viola, the piano, the ocarina, the celtic flute...but he is always willing to learn how to play more...

So far he has composed the music for many video games, plays, short movies, documentaries...


- Winner of the "USA songwriting competition 2009" on the "Instrumental" category
- Winner of the "100% Music Songwriting contest 2009" in France on the "Soundtracks, TV and Videogames" category
- Winner on the “16th Annual Billboard Song Contest” on the “Electronica/Soundtrack” category
- Winner on the “West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest 2009” on the “Intrumental” category
- Nominee for the “Hollywood Music Awards” on 2 categories: “Best New Composer” and “Best Instrumental Music”
- Nominee for  “19th Annual L.A.  Music Awards”
- Honorable mention on the  “International Songwriting Competition 2009” - “Instrumental” category
- Honorable Mention on the “12th Annual Unisong International Song Contest” on the “Instrumental” Category

- Soundtrack composer for the videogame "The Long Silence"
- Soundtrack composer for the videogame "The Lord of the Creatures"
-  Soundtrack composer for the videogame "PCFútbol 2007"
- Soundtrack composer for the videogame "The Shadow of Aten"
- Sound Designer and composer of the credits music for the videogame "Commandos 2"
- Virtual orchestra for the Cd "Rebellion" for the "Sibelius" band
- Musical composer for several spots of "Yelmo Cineplex"
- Musical composer for several documentaries and short movies
- Musical composer for the first novel with soundtrack "Umbrio entre los muertos"



Last modification: Sat 26 Nov 2011

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