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Commissary Bio

Commissary Biography: Born January 17th, 1986 around 3:30 AM in Huntsville, Alabama, the parents of Terrell Lamon Burt a.k.a. Commissary, knew that their son was truly special and would achieve numerous goals throughout his lifetime. Mostly all parents believe that their children are special in one way or another, but Commissary's parents' faith in God never failed them and the outcome so far has surpassed what they've expected. All throughout his childhood, even prior to his move to Orlando, FL at the age of seven, his teachers always commented and made sure to inform Commissary's mother on his academic intelligence. "He always seemed to be ahead of the other children" proclaimed Carolyn Virginia Burt, budget analyst for the U.S. Federal Government and the beloved mother of Commissary. Writing his first sermon at the age of eleven, how and why this prodigy stumbled across the art of emceeing is still a mystery. Although he was constantly exposed to Hip Hop by his older siblings, more so his brother, Thoris, the bright, young child had always dreamed of obtaining a prestigious occupation, such as that of a physician; not for the love of medicine, but to please his mother.


In the summer of 2000 and just for fun, Commissary began to write lyrics and record music on his computer. After getting a better hold on songwriting, 2003 saw the displacement of stage fright and the beginning of performances from the teenage rapper. In the fall of 2004, Commissary began to experience tremendous and numerous trials in the forms of insecurity, loneliness, and mild depression, and he didn't see a way out of it. It was during this same time that he recognized himself as a slave to sin and that he was in wrong standing with God. He recognized his dire need of a Savior and acknowledged God as His only form of escape and true fulfillment after hearing a powerful sermon, which he feels was specifically directed towards him. He repented and surrendered himself fully to Christ in December of 2004 and vowed to keep the Cross of Christ at the center of his life, put God first, and seek Him more.


To date, he has been profusely writing and recording music and performing at venues such as churches, clubs, and talent showcases. Over the years, God has opened doors and allowed Commissary to perform at the annual national attraction The Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities and the opportunity to work with rappers such as Viktory, Jacob Izrael, and S.O.C.O.M. and share the stage with artists, such as J. Moss, Vonzell Solomon, a finalist from American Idol Season 4, KJ-52, Tedashii, Thi'sl, Hazakim, Urban D., Rawsrvnt, Flynn Adam of LA Symphony, Mr. Del, Group 1 Crew, Washington Projects, Ayiesha Woods, Viktory, Cayerio, Dooney Da Priest, Ron Kenoly, Jr. a.k.a. Bingo, and Da Muzicianz. "Commissary, keep up the great work!!! I've always respected the positivity you portray in your music," said local, but renowned secular on air radio personality, DJ Tony C of Power 95.3, who gave the artist his first chance at local radio airplay in the fall of 2003.


Having influences ranging from artists such as Cross Movement, Da' T.R.U.T.H., and Lecrae, and having a unique style, Commissary has made it his job to proclaim the Gospel with his musical platform. His lyrics are encouraging and the message he's bringing is not his own, but that of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His faith in God, ambition, and perseverance is sure to carry him to great heights, or because he boldly proclaims the Good News, great depths.





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