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Making Money Online: What Will Work and What Never Will

Making Money Online: What Will Work and What Never Will

It seems as though there are endless job opportunities waiting out there in cyberspace. It is a vast world just brimming with money to be had. However, as with everything, there are scams out there that look convincingly like actual jobs. At a time when the economy has been so harsh and people are desperate to take on any job they can find, even the best and brightest might turn to the internet for opportunity and get scammed in the process.

There are several ways to make actual and legal cash online. There are several fields that offer great opportunity, job security, earning potential and room for advancement. Jobs in the medical field are available everywhere. With the right secretarial skills and courses in medical terminology, medical transcription jobs are available. These jobs are legitimate work allowing you the benefits of working at home, on your own schedule. Medical billing jobs can also be worth looking in to. These jobs require some college courses to familiarize you with the ins and outs of the medical field.

Other online job opportunities that are usually trustworthy and legitimate are in the area of data entry and bookkeeping. Many well established companies are looking to find people willing to work from home earning a little less than in their offices, yet enough to lure folks in who want the benefits of online work. These jobs are fairly easy to find and require basic computer and office skills. Usually with this kind of work, the more output you generate, the more you earn.

Writing is another field with endless potential and earning capabilities. You can find many valuable jobs writing on various topics and for various forums. Be it small blogging jobs or large corporate empires needing professional proposals done, you have the freedom of choosing your niche and running with it. Many writing jobs will depend on your experience and education level. You can do relatively cheap work providing basic writing services for someone who just doesn’t have the time to keep up with their own work or you can only take on high paying exclusive contracts with companies.

Marketing your own products or services is yet another money making opportunity online. You can easily find the resources necessary to create your won website and create the content you are looking for. If done with your best effort and guidance from others, you will create traffic on your site and visibility of your business. Selling the products of others can also be a way to earn a living online. You can earn commission for each item you sell.

There are opportunities out there that you need to realize will never pan out as expected no matter how much you want them to. Unfortunately, some estimates place internet scams at about 80% of the jobs advertised online. While even the most intelligent and seasoned searcher can fall victim to some of these scams, there are commonalities to watch for. If you have not solicited a company for employment and they are trying to lure into a job, beware. Also take note of the old adage which says ‘if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is.’ You can easily find people promising you a fortune very quickly and with very little effort. This will undoubtedly be a scam. Pyramid scams online are common also. If they promise you money if you can find others to join in, then stay away. You might be able to spot a bad opportunity simply by the looks of the site also. If you notice unprofessional language or imagery, such as misspellings and grammatical errors in the actual job advertisement, it is probably not worth the time or energy to pursue.

When looking to make money online, keep in mind a reputable site or company will never ask you to buy anything upfront. They will provide sites that offer help and are filled with details about the actual position or job requirements. If the job is vague and you are unable to find help or support online for any questions, it is probably not a real or legal opportunity. Also watch for companies which have sites leading you to other sites asking for money. This is one sure sign of a scam.

It can be difficult to decipher the legitimate money making opportunities from the endless scams online. Keep these basic tips in mind and also look for employment which actually meets your experience level. Joining an online forum of other job seekers and talking with anyone you know who works online can help you narrow down your option

Last modification: Tue 2 Nov 2010

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