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Branding & Marketing for Jawz Inc


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Beyond Oceans, we design luxury is the slogan of JAWZ Inc. The amazing talent behind Jawz aquarium and Design Company is the driving force behind its success. The captains of this ship are CEO Harjun Williams and Chief Operation Manager Maurice Williams.  This strong brother team has established a unique brand that allows anyone who works with them to simply want more. Having had the opportunity to know the Williams Brothers, one would describe Harjun as a handsome and charming man with an extraordinary gift   He describes his talents as “a pure gift from god.” In addition to being talented, Maurice also overseas the operation and logistics of the business in every aspect.

Harjun Williams’ success story is simply inspiring for any entrepreneur. After leaving high school, Williams did not take the traditional route. He didn't go off to college like his peers. He knew he had a love for architecture, but he was lost trying to understand what he truly wanted out of life. While trying to find his direction, he kept up with his love for aquariums and creatures of the sea. Because of this love, he worked for an aquarium shop in New York for many years in the late 90’s. Williams only made five dollars an hour. Out of this hobby,  Williams created a company that is respected throughout the world. A day on the job with Harjun Williams consists of one of two visit to clients. He makes sure they have everything they need. Williams also calls and negations with his operation manager and connecting with his staffs.

As a hands on CEO, perfection is at the top of his list when it comes to creations. Jawz Inc is one of the world’s premiere leaders in aquarium & furniture art. They have showrooms located in Miami and New York. They travel the world to bring luxury designs to their clients in commercial and residential locations. From new construction to renovation, all of their work is done in-house. According Williams, this ensures the beauty and tranquility will be optimized to the aquarium. He also wants to create high quality furniture.  Jawz Inc Designs creates, manufactures and installs the finest custom cabinetry. In addition to this, the company does woodwork for residential and commercial locations. Jawz Inc.  takes pride in in their expert designers to make each client feel as if they are the only one.

Their clients always feel apart of their project. They provide a seamless production process for each one. With over 12 years of experience, they have built many of the Tri-States, California and Florida’s finest custom residential and commercial furniture. Today, Jawz Inc is considered an expert in providing aquariums and maintenance services. Their highly trained and professional staff members are always on time and they’re when you need us. The maintenance team ensures aquariums and water features are always clean, clear and prepared for longevity


Last modification: Sun 27 Jan 2013

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