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Blue Collar Man Vs. White Collar Man

Blue Collar Man Vs. White Collar Man

Which is More Successful With The Ladies?

It is hard to say if what a man does for a living, or which ‘collar’ he wears can truly speak for his luck in love. Both types of men have a lot to offer the right woman if given the chance. However, there are several distinctions between the two. While some may think theses distinctions are a bit stereotypical, they do truly distinguish whether a man is a blue collar worker or a white collar worker and what exactly a woman sees in him.

A blue collar man is defined as a man who works with his hands and used to be defined by his blue work shirt. Mostly blue collar men are not college educated. They do manual labor type jobs such as construction, plumbing, factory work and such. They typically come home with either grease or dirt as a daily testament to the hard day’s work they have just performed. Their profession will require more work from his body over his intellect. A blue collar man will work shift hours and usually earn an hourly wage for his work. Any perks he receives from his job will not involve big bonuses or travel opportunities. He will more than likely come home exhausted physically and rarely has the option of calling off or missing work. His earnings are much less than those of a college educated professional. He will usually have his weekends off and engage in low cost hobbies such as hunting, fishing, sports and such.

A white collar man starkly differs from his hard working blue collar counterpart. A white collar is typically educated with his degree in various professional fields. He can be seen in a suit and cleanliness is a must. A white collar worker usually earns a lot of money or has the potential to move up higher in his field. He will have benefits with his career and perks galore, such as travel, bonuses, company car and others. A white collar man thinks and plans for his financial future in terms of retirement. A white collar man may spend time at the gym caring for his appearance but will not have the natural physique of a blue collar worker. Sweat and dirt may only be a part of his weekend. White collar down time may include upscale restaurants, golf, and sailing.

Both of course have their unique perks when you are dating them. Some women simply find the physical characteristics of a blue collar man undeniably sexy with his rugged exterior and alluring strength. Some will say they feel safer in the strong arms of a blue collar man. They see him as more masculine and adore their ability to get dirty while fixing things around the house. Some women also find the simpler minded lifestyle of a blue collar man to be more relaxing and calm. While many of their hobbies may be low brow, they see the blue collar worker as more loyal and appreciative of women.

Women also desire white collar men for their ability to provide a better lifestyle for them. This, while seemingly shallow, may only be natural when you may have children with this man. Women see them as more stable, more intelligent and more ambitious. They may find his assertive and keen business sense sensual. His aura of power in his designer suits may attract women who want an upscale life. The white collar man represents more opportunity for the woman to indulge in a lifestyle she may not be able to provide herself.

With nearly 62% of college degrees being earned by women rather than men, it is also easy to see there are simply more white collar women around than there were a decade ago. Mostly, these white collar women tend to want educated men in their lives with similar values and goals. While most women can now give themselves the financial security they want, they still want a great conversation and companion with shared interests at the end of the day. They may love the rugged exterior of a blue collar man and the loyalty he brings with him, but they may only see him as short term fun. This is not to say there are not any successful blue collar relationships with educated women, but they statistically rarely turn into marriages.

In conclusion, White collar men and blue collar men certainly both have their alluring and sensual sides attracting all sorts of women in the process. White collar men tend to be more sought out as long term relationship material by most self sufficient women today. The blue collar man certainly does not suffer from any lack of action because of this though. Women of all economic backgrounds and education levels will always want to have at least one shot with a tough rugged blue collar guy at one point or another.

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