Radio airplay

  • 150 Weekly Spins - Basic Promotions

    BASIC Guaranteed Radio Airplay $199

    • 150 plus spins per week
    • 600 plus spins campaign minimum
    • 30 Days
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Press release 10 Locations

    The package of choice includes press releases and social media marketing postings. Artists' "song(s)" are submitted to the leading broadcast tracking source. These sources track radio airplay of songs worldwide. This tracking is about 5000+ radio stations. The submission includes FM terrestrial, college, industrial, non-industrial, and streaming internet radio.

    1. Submission locations:
    2. iHeart/ Clear Channel,
    3. Radio One/city One,
    4. Sirius XM,
    5. Radionomy,
    6. Shoutcast,
    7. TuneIn,
    8. Icecast,
    11. Beasley Broadcasting,
    12. Bell Media,
    13. Cumulus,
    14. Emmis,
    15. Cox Radio,
    16. Entercom,
    17. International Radio,
    18. NewCap,
    19. Townsquare Media,
    20. Vista Radio,
    21. Wilks,
    22. NextMedia,
    23. Rogers,
    24. Welch Communications,
    25. Harvard,
    26. Streaming licensing,
    27. Streema,
    28. city Radio,
    29. BBC Radio Europe
    30. unbiased FM Terrestrial,
    31. Commercial, Non-industrial,
    32. College 
    33. Internet radio broadcasters streaming online
  • 20,000 Dezeer Marketing & Promotions

    Why should you promote your music on Deezer?

    The royalties are great

    A lot of artists disregard Deezer platforms

    Build more fans

    Goes beyond the common



    • Name of Songs
    • Name of Artist/Band
    • Link to Song

    Send details to longe (at) or Submit Info through check-out

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