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Longe Magazine Staff Writer

Longe Magazine Staff Writer

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Having a great watch is everything!

Great watches we recommend. A great timepiece can make a statement like none other. Watches start conversations, along with the look a person gives you when they admire what you're wearing on your hand. See gallery for a few of the timepieces we believe is so wonderful to have as a part of any collection.

Beyoncé Homecoming Release on Netflix out did Coachella

Beyoncé isn't finished astounding fans. 


The artist, 37, discharged a Netflix narrative chronicling her 2018 Coachella execution at midnight on Wednesday, pursued instantly by the arrival of a live collection, a lot to the enjoyment of her fans. 


What's more, presently, the Bey Hive the world over can get an opportunity to remember the "Homecoming" execution while wearing a bit of constrained version merchandise from the show. 


On her site, Beyoncé is putting forth a full line of Beychella sweatshirts, shirts, mugs, telephone cases and more with costs extending from $10 for wrapping paper to $115 for a hoodie


Greek framework lettering, dark pumas and Nefertiti are a portion of the repetitive topics in the structures. 


The noteworthy narrative demonstrates the execution, yet in addition personal behind-the-scene minutes and arrangements. In it, Beyonce discusses her way of life changes and the exacting eating routine she experienced subsequent to bringing forth twins Boy/Girl Sir and Rumi the earlier year. 


"With the goal for me to meet my objectives, I'm constraining myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no liquor … I'm eager," she said. "Dislike before when I could practice 15 hours in a row. I have youngsters. I have a spouse. I need to deal with my body."

Nicki Minaj No Longer Under Her Current Management Blueprint/Maverick

According to Variety Nicki Minaj is never again overseen by Gee Roberson and Cortez Bryant and Blueprint/Maverick Management.

An insider told the amusement distribution that the Queen Barbz went separate ways with the supervisory crew on great terms however gave no particular explanation behind the split. The source likewise said the separating occurred before Nicki's visitor execution at Ariana Grande's featuring Coachella gig on Sunday (April 14), which was hampered by sound issues. 


Nicki has been overseen by both Roberson and Bryant for the greater part of her rap profession. At present, the 36-year-old rapper does not have a director. 


Before Gee Roberson and Cortez Bryant dealing with Nicki's vocation, the rap hotshot was once overseen by Diddy and James Cruz. Be that as it may, in 2011, Nicki genially gone separate ways with them. A source told XXL at the time that she figured Diddy would be more involved with her profession and was disillusioned when she understood it wasn't the situation.

Eva Marcille talk about Violent Relationship with Kevin McCall: ‘She was pregnant’

Kevin McCall was captured not long ago for an abusive behavior at home occurrence with his sweetheart. While examining the circumstance amid a section on 'The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,' Eva Marcille nitty gritty the supposed maltreatment by the rapper. The RHOA star says:

"Aggressive behavior at home is exceptionally, real. I experienced domestic violence behavior at home. I at last found the valor to discuss it a few years prior, about what I proceeded with Kevin. He was certainly fierce. Physically damaging and I wasn't the main individual who has managed it. All the more as of late, there was a young woman he managed, thumped every one of her fronts out. His youngster's mom before me has managed abusive behavior at home, his sister, his mom. What's more, presently clearly, the rundown goes on."

She includes:

"What's more, there's this new young woman that sadly was dating him. What's more, his failure to have what individuals call discretion of his dissatisfaction and his indignation and he takes it out. Also, he's not a little person. He played D1 football. He's a decent size person and clearly beat this young lady up." When Gary With The Tea poked a fun at the anonymous lady, Eva clarified that it wasn't her yet without a doubt didn't acknowledge jokes being made about aggressive behavior at home.

Rickey at that point asked her what their relationship resembled, Eva says:

"Whew, I cannot trust I'm discussing it. Since it required me a great deal of investment to try and get up the fearlessness to discuss it, cuz it's humiliating. Originating from where I originate from and being as shrewd and brave as I am, you generally feel like it would never be me.

I dated Kevin and I got pregnant. We weren't generally infatuated, to get directly to the point. What's more, it wasn't a relationship that endured sufficiently long for me to actually even know him. Thus it didn't begin for me until I was pregnant with Marley when the maltreatment began. I was pregnant with my kid. And afterward, about a month in the wake of having Marley, it didn't stop. It deteriorated. Also, it deteriorated with her. The last bit of excess that will be tolerated was when Marley was quite my arms once. Furthermore, I resembled, 'I can't do this any longer.'

So I feel frustrated about that young lady. I feel terrible for that young lady. I feel awful for ladies that need to manage it. It's really not a funny issue. It's something that makes you feel pretty much nothing so you truly would prefer not to discuss it. However, it truly sucks and I trust that they keep his can in prison as long as they can, period.

It's a unique little something that you would prefer not to discuss however it's something that you need to discuss however. Since a ton of ladies that you sit by, regularly at work, at chapel and relatives. I have three siblings. I got a sibling in the Marines and its absolutely impossible that they would have trusted that I was notwithstanding managing this.

Thus if there are any ladies and men out there—in light of the fact that ladies are as insane as men and there are ladies who are vicious against men additionally—however on the off chance that there's anybody managing abusive behavior at home, the Domestic Violence hotline is 1800-799-7233.

What I cannot deny is that there is a sun on the opposite side of that dull day."

Ciara getting anything she want from Russell!

Since Russell Wilson is formally the most generously compensated player in the NFL, his significant other Ciara is prepared to put in some genuine money.

The pop star, 33, showed up on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen on Wednesday night, where the Bravo have gotten some information about what she wanted to buy now that Wilson, 30, has marked his $140 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

"That is a decent inquiry," the "Level Up" artist reacted. "I need a Hermès bag."

Obviously, this wouldn't be the Grammy victor's first extravagance purchase from the brand; she's recently been spotted conveying both a light tan Birkin just as a darker brown crocodile adaptation.

Should Wilson treat his significant other to an expensive new tote, we simply trust he's prepared to utilize every one of his muscles to convey it for her.

What do you think?

Wendy Williams Divorce? Husband Fired from Show!

Wendy Williams never again needs to manage her irritated spouse, at any rate with regards to Wendy.

As we revealed to you Tuesday ... Kevin Hunter would not have been one of the show's official makers any longer, and the hatchet authoritatively dropped Thursday.

A representative for the show lets us know, "Kevin Hunter is never again an official maker on 'The Wendy Williams Show.'"

We broke the story ... Wendy and Kevin were coming to an "agreement" where he'd venture down as EP. We're told there were no issues with his activity obligations, however Williams was experiencing trouble from his essence on set, because of issues in their relationship.

Hunter, you'll review, supposedly fathered a youngster with his side piece, and Wendy sought legal separation a week ago and declared on her demonstrate that she was centered around the future and an "entirely different life" with her child.

Nipsey Hussle Celebration of Life set for Thursday at the Staple center in LA

After spending a few days mourning Nipsey Hussle the family and friends finally made a decision to go with the Staple Center in Los Angeles for this Celebration of Life send off.

This will take place on Thursday, April 11, 2019. The decision to go with the Staple Center is that they need a big enough venue to fit all the guest celebrities and fans.

Nipsey did a lot for his community and sad the way he died. His death was over someone "snitching" how pointless to kill someone over that.


The new single for B.T the Artist is "Hunny".

The emerging musician "B.T the Artist" new song "Hunny" is simply letting the world know what he want's in a woman. While listening to the song he has a part in it that said, "He looking for a shorty, not just someone passing through". Then it jumps into the chorus that he said: "I am just looking for a Hunny.. Hey, Hey, Hey"  (which is repeated 2x). This song can truly be a summer jam for years to come. But definitely "Hunny" will be a hit song for the clubs and jamming in the car.

"B.T the Artist" is a college graduate, following in the parent's footsteps. B.T is a writer, producer, and performer from Boston. His new EP is ready radio ready, no need to edit out explicit lyrics. His music is clean and talks about what is really going on in life. The type of lyrics he delivers for his audience is a mixture of "N.A.S.E",  Biggie and Tupac. He is bringing the old school hip-hop/rap that is perfect for this generation. This Bostonian can become the next big musician out of the Northeast.

B.T the artist is buzzing all over the internet with his new "Better Days" EP and current single "Hunny".  One would be missing out if they don't take the time to review his music on any streaming platform. But you can take a listen to the new song below or going to He currently under his own record label that focuses on artist creative control. Let us know your thoughts on his song "Hunny"!

For more information on B.T the artist please see his social media and streaming platforms.
Social Media:

Don't forget to download his music from Itunes:

Excellent Voice for Michael Trucks aka Q with his new song mines. stars

Michael Trucks aka "Q the Music" is a songwriter and performer. He's gifted with the craft of story-telling. He sees himself as a vibe artist, that blends light and Dark experiences with his music.Q is a military man, therefore he uses his world traveling experience to better his view of the world. He said, "Mine is a song about meeting a special person who wants a new vibe in their life and Q brings them into his world".

Overall the song "Mine" made the hair on my arms stills up. The melody, rap verses, production, and delivery was all on point. He can hold a not plus rap so smooth and easy. This song is perfect for a long time with a drop top and the music going through the air. He has a strong presence which helps to do well in the music industry that has everyone fitting for a spot.

The track "Mine" is off his Light and Dark EP that also includes song such as Shine, Space, Stay, and No Love. Overall the album is easy to listen too and can be a great club bagger. Mine will be added to the LongeFM (L201.9) Tri-state radio wave. Listen to his song below and let us know your thoughts on what will be a summer hit. He's able to make on Billboards.

Social/Streaming Media:


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