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Mohamed Ramadan X Future X Massari

There is no doubt that Universal Music Group is a worldwide company! There is now a Universal Arabic Music promotion. Mohamed Ramadan, Future & Massari are among the artists released under Universal. As usual, they know how to break into the USA without a problem, right? Is that possible? The song has featured the rapper "Future" on the track called "Arabi" which makes it easy to radio airplay and gain fans which of course comes with downloads.

Mr. Peter Parker feat. Cory Gunz and Sticky Fingaz

Varick Street is proud to announce its distribution partnership with radio personality/DJ/producer Mr Peter Parker, which will include the release of eight exclusive new songs, which will be executive produced by Mr. Peter Parker heading into 2024. It is expected that the Taylor Gang will be collaborating with Wiz Khalifa, Roe Nation & Roe-A-Fella Alumni Freeway, NYC legends Nature (Queens Bridge) & Maino (Brooklyn), as well as rising stars like Crimeapple (New Jersey), Millyz (Cambridge, MA) and OT the Real (Philadelphia) as well as many more will appear. Featuring a classic-style feel that remains true to today as much as it was 20 years ago, this is a trip back to high-quality modern hip-hop with a high-quality sound.

Cash Cobain - Dunk Contest

What are your thoughts on the Cash Cobain Contest? All the videos you will see are currently going for radio airplay. Review the video of the contestants and let us know your thoughts.

Who is Sean Peezy J.R ?

Would you like to hear rap and trap mix-in sounds? If that's the case, the Sean Peezy J.R. Catalog might be of interest. Sean Peezy J.R.'s sound can be compared to Lil Wayne's. His follow on the beat is very good and something one would like to hear in a club. Listen to his catalog and let us know your thoughts.

Holy of Holies by Jim Vierra and Friends

To put it mildly, the way Jim Vierra and Friends perform the song "Holy of Holies" is nothing short of inspirational, to say the least. There is a great deal of effort put into the production of the song, especially the introduction with strings before the main drop of the song. As far as the label is concerned, the track is released by Fifty Something Records. Jim Vierra & Friends is worth listening to. Outside of the "Holy of Holies" song Jim Vierra's catalog is worth listening to. Overall, "Holy of Holies" is a song that will make the charts. Listen to the track and let us know your thoughts.

Lets Get to Know Todd Barrow

Todd Barrow is a professional country musician from Texas. It was Sonny Burgess from (CMA) who discovered Todd Barrow as a Texas country artist. Sonny Burgess remains in the same circle as Charley Pride, Randy Travis, and many other legends of the industry. An incredible singer and songwriter who brings a fresh sound to country music! Featured in many music magazines and a member of most professional songwriter organizations.

Todd Barrow has performed with artists such as John Schneider, Paul Overstreet, Lulu Roman, Billy Joe Shaver, and more! The highest quality country music with unforgettable stories is what he dedicated to writing/producing. From Texas to around the world, we're heating the airwaves! One can listen to "Jungle Out There" on all streaming platforms. Todd's song "Jungle Out There" is gaining major attention across the Music Industry. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts.

Jabari - The lead star of Bel-Air

The Epic Records label just signed Jabari to a deal. Ezekiel Lewis believes Jabari is a multi-talented star. Is this just an opportunity for Ezekiel Lewis and Epic Records? Is there an opportunity to revamp the label on a larger scale? As Jabari is the star of the show Bel-Air that has a mixed audience, so is this just to get eyes and ears listening to good music, or is it the type of music one can expect to be pushed upon them through all media? Only time will tell!

Israel cuts off Gaza in 'total siege'

No less than 700 individuals have passed on and in excess of 2,300 others have been harmed in Israel after the assailant bunch Hamas sent off an uncommon attack from air, land, and ocean on Saturday, Israeli specialists said.

Gov. Gavin vetoes bill aimed at limiting the price of insulin

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - - Gov. Gavin Newsom has rejected a bill that would have prevented insurance agencies from charging more than $35 for insulin.

The bill would have prohibited well-being plans and handicap insurance contracts from forcing any personal costs on insulin doctor-prescribed drugs above $35 for a 30-day supply. That would have included deductibles and co-pays.

Top 30 of Billboard Hot 100

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