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Who is Bert G?
Dont need that energy Bert G

Who is Bert G?

Bert G is letting you know that he "Don't Need That Energy". His flow is unique, and it is something one would love to hear in the club or blasting in their car. This song will be charted no question. His style is a mixture of down south with a swag of New York City. In addition, the video complements the song very well. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts on the hot release "Don't Need That Energy". Bert will be performing this new single during "No Stage Tour" to raise funds for youth-focused non-profits.

 About Bert G:

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Bert G. makes hip-hop that defies definition. Combining humor with defiance, Bert G.’s tracks feel relatable and fun while also speaking to real emotions and experiences. With a new single, “Don’t Need That Energy,” out now, plus a music video following this month (May 2022), Bert G. is paving his own path forward in the world of contemporary hip hop.

Inspired by artists like J Cole and Nas, Bert G. focuses on his lyricism and the fact rap has always been a gateway to his sense of belonging. Growing up with strict parents as a child of an immigrant family, Bert G. struggled to fit in in his early years. At age 13, he started making music as an outlet for his emotions. When other kids would go out on Friday nights, Bert would stay in and write raps. He recalls this helping him deal with the hardships of life during his teenage years, like his parents’ divorce, getting bullied, and never feeling like he was truly accepted by his peers.

The first time Bert G. ever picked up a mic, he was at a party. Despite not having spoken to anyone for the whole night, Bert decided to pick up the mic and start freestyling. He got a reaction, and for the first time in his life, he felt seen. From that point forward, music became Bert’s remedy for feeling ignored. But despite this early sense of clarity, Bert ended up abandoning music in his adult life, succumbing to the idea that being an artist isn’t a viable way of making a living. In 2012, Bert recorded 15 songs but never released a single one. He listened to the voices telling him that a career in music was too risky, but after ten years of avoiding his dreams, Bert G. started to feel the emotional toll.

Now in his 30s, Bert has decided to commit himself fully to life as an artist. In the past, Bert recorded and released music under the name Clark Wayne, a play on the names Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne and a nod to his experiences of having a dual identity. Now, Bert is ready to embrace his full self, moving forward in his career under his given name, Bert G. Through this process of coming back to himself and his dreams, Bert has discovered an entire community of other people who can relate to the experience of leaving behind childhood dreams. Now that Bert has come out the other side and recommitted himself to his goals and passions, he wants to give that gift back to others. In light of his experiences, Bert draws the bulk of his inspiration from the story of the underdog and pours his intention into being a voice for the voiceless. Bert also follows in the footsteps of his father who spent most of his life working as an engineer before becoming a jazz musician later in life.

Outside of his solo career, Bert G. tours with a motivational hip hop duo called Bert & Det. The act has performed in over 40 states with hip hop stage plays that educate and inspire youth and first-generation students. Bert has also performed at the legendary SOB’s in New York City as well as at the Madame CJ Walker Legacy Center in Indiana. You can check out Bert G.’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud, and you can keep up with all of his future endeavors on Instagram.

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No Stage Tour Performance Clip 1

No Stage Tour Performance Clip 2

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