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New Music by Quinn Soular called "On Purpose"
Quinn Soular

New Music by Quinn Soular called "On Purpose"

Quinn Soular is a different type of artist based on what his approach is in the music industry. Quinn is one of many artists that is signed to the record label "Great Artist Record". Quinn brings just what this record label seems to have been looking for when it comes to creativity and his unique sound.

Quinn Soular new release "On Purpose" has a mixture of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Reggae at the time. The song is well-produced with excellent delivery. Quinn vocals are smooth over this well-produced beat. To hear Quinn's new song "on Purpose" listen below or find it on any of the streaming platforms including Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and Beyond.

The course of the song, which is "love caught me on purpose" brought back current and a whole school feeling. His lyrics are of thoughts, respect, and love towards women. His lyrics remind me of some of the best lyrics heard in vocals of male singers such as BabyFace, Joe, Jahiem, Tyrese and more.]

Find out more about Who Quinn Soular is by visiting his social media or streaming platform. This song "on purpose" can be used to get a lover.




Born into the world on the lovely Island of St. Maarten Quincy Adolphin otherwise known as Quinn Soular was interested and propelled by numerous neighborhood and worldwide performers. Quinn experienced childhood in a community in a run of the mill Caribbean home encompassed via Caribbean blues performers, here is the place his energy for music was touched off.

As his affection created for music, he began playing around with instruments eventually choosing the keyboard instrument as his fundamental instrument. Before long he built up a genuine bond with this instrument and kept on devoting more and additional time playing the console and after that the piano. At the young age of 8, he was viewed as a standout amongst another keyboardist in his neighborhood. With the full help of his folks, he started playing in the congregation and with different melodic gatherings, making music a gigantic piece of his childhood.

Quinn additionally joined the congregation ensemble and one day at 12 years old Quinn was approached to do a performance. As he sang his first independent he began to understand that his ability was not restricted to just playing instruments… that is the point at which the craftsman Quinn Soular was made. Quinn Soular is a Pop, R&B artist/lyricist who circuits different classifications into his music and creation.

He sings and composes melodies for the most part about affection, life and all that they should offer, the great, the terrible and the revolting. He additionally delivers his very own music enabling you to get the full Quinn Soular music experience. His melodic saints are specialists, for example, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, John Mayer,, Kirk Franklin and makers, for example, Quincy Jones, Donovan 'Wear Corleone' Bennett, Timbaland, and Max Martin.

Quinn Soular has begun his very own music creation organization, QP (Quinn Productions) with the trademark "QP on the Track, I Like That" and is delivering for himself and for other extraordinary best in class specialists and understood craftsmen too.

Quinn Soular has collaborated with Great Artist Records to discharge his next couple of singles just as a full collection very soon. Quinn Soular as of now lives in the UK and Holland and keeps on performing and play with various specialists and artists all over Europe and the Caribbean.

Genuinely when tuning in to Quinn Soular's sultry and smooth vocals and fascinating verses with regards to mixing with his making characteristics, your body will move, your spirit will be calmed, your heart will be warmed and your mind will be motivated. So take a tune in to his music on any of the well-known streaming platforms.

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