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Unveiling the Hot New Song: "The Voice" by George Ferrie featuring Emy Smith

Are you a music enthusiast looking for the next big hit to add to your playlist? Look no further, because George Ferrie's latest song "The Voice" featuring Emy Smith is here to captivate your ears and soul. This dynamic collaboration between two talented artists is taking the music scene by storm and is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

The Drama Behind the Rhymes: Why Do Rappers Always Seem to be in Dispute? stars

Rap music has always been a genre filled with raw emotions, powerful storytelling, and often, controversy. One of the most common and intriguing aspects of the rap industry is the presence of disputes, or what is commonly referred to as “rap beef.” From Tupac and Biggie to Drake and Meek Mill, rap beefs have been a staple in the industry, capturing the attention of fans and media alike.


Aiyana-Lee's New Song "My Idols Lied To Me" is buzzing all over the radio and the internet. The song is released by Tha Lights Global. The Official Music Video is available to watch on all video platforms. Aiyana-Lee's song "My Idols Lied To Me" is heavily impacting Mainstream and Urban networks.

You and Me

"You and Me" is a song that is a pleasure to listen to and is performed by Adrian Jauregui.  The song is well produced, and the vocals are in sync with the beat, providing the song with a great delivery as the beat complements the vocals. As part of the track titled "You and Me", ApeTunes has been featured on the track. Currently, Adrian Jauregui is working with Voyage Music Group as a recording artist. There is no restriction on where you can listen to and download You and Me on any platform. Leave your thoughts here about the track well!

New Music From Reuben Vincent

The new EP by Ruben Vincent, called "General Admission", can be downloaded from all platforms. There are three songs included on the EP: Fufu, 32 Flavors, and Grand Cherry. The EP is released by Jamla Records and Roc Nation Records. Feel free to listen to the songs and let us know what you think.

He's one of the coldest in the game!

He's the coldest player in the game! A raw rapper like Edubb302 is hard to find! In contrast to everyone else, he does not want to sound like everyone else. The mainstream trap hip-hop is disappointing, which is not what Edubb is about. There is something Edubb302 wants to say. Throughout the beat, his vocals rap with diligence and great delivery. His flow is refreshing. Edubb302 reminds one of Nas, Tupac, and Biggie who are storytellers. Listen to his songs and let us know your thoughts.

A Different Sound - YJ Production

Washington DC is the base of operations for YJ Production. Listeners can expect to hear music that is unique from YJ Production. With his combination of different elements, he will outbring the vocals of the right artist. Unlike other trap artists, his sound combines orchestral elements with hip-hop and other sounds. Take a listen to YJ Production and let us know what you think. He was born to produce music. Failures only fuel his fire, passion, and desire to become the best he can be. YJ thanks God for blessing him with ears to hear and eyes to see because to him a life without music is no life at all.

New song Ice Cream Paint Job 2



New music from the record label "Dorrough Music (aka Six 3)". - The song is called Ice Cream Paint Job 2. The song was produced by Digi Norm & 2Much. The song is available on all platforms for download. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts.




Breezylyn-Hood Mona Lisa

The new music is called "Hood Mona Lisa" by BreezyLYN. The music is released under Remain Solid and 300 Entertainment. Watch and listen to the song below, and let us know your thoughts. "Hood Mona Lisa is available to download on all platforms.

Mohamed Ramadan X Future X Massari

There is no doubt that Universal Music Group is a worldwide company! There is now a Universal Arabic Music promotion. Mohamed Ramadan, Future & Massari are among the artists released under Universal. As usual, they know how to break into the USA without a problem, right? Is that possible? The song has featured the rapper "Future" on the track called "Arabi" which makes it easy to radio airplay and gain fans which of course comes with downloads.

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