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Duc Melds Diverse Influences Into Groundbreaking Electronica Album, Visions and Dreams

Australian musician Catherine Duc melds ancient Celtic melodies with contemporary electronica rhythms, creating a unique and exciting hybrid on Visions and Dreams.

Classically trained but with electronica savvy, Catherine Duc ( readily bridges the ancient with the up to date on her new album, Visions and Dreams. Rarely has the label worldbeat been more appropriate. She brings together musical forms from around the globe and creates a bold leap forward for Celtic influenced New Age and electronica music.

Duc blazes trails for New Age music on her new album, arriving at a novel and intoxicating blend of Celtic and ambient music. This is music to take note of. It doesn't merely recede and become background sound. Instead, the layers and juxtapositions provide food for the mind while providing rest for the soul. Duc composed and performed all tracks on Visions and Dreams using the latest multitracking techniques to create the vibrant Celtic soundscapes. The album was mastered by Toby Learmont at Sony Music Australia and is being distributed by The Orchard.

In 2002, Duc won the electronica prize in a national competition organized by Philips in Australia. A classically trained pianist, Duc studied recording and production at the Concert Hall in Melbourne. She recently earned a diploma in film music composition from the London School of Creative Studies.

"Fusing world music with electronica has become quite popular," Duc said. "Often artists choose Middle Eastern or African themes. I was interested in the possibilities of mixing Celtic motifs with ambient, trance and electronica."

So far, critical response has been overwhelmingly positive. R.J. Lannan of New Age Reporter said "Visions and an amazing amalgam of Ambient, Celtic and World themes." Arsenio Orteza of the Times for Acadiana cited "...the verve that Catherine Duc brings to a genre that's now more than a quarter century old." Dene Bebbington, Melliflua said "It's clearly an album by someone who knows where they're coming from in terms of influences, and who knows how to make use of it in their own style."

Autographed copies of Visions and Dreams are available from The genre busting album fusing electronica with Celtic music is also on sale online through and and at online and retail outlets (USA) of Sam Goody, Tower Records, Circuit City, Target and Virgin Megastore.

Press Release: Los Angeles Music Awards
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Author: Tom Pratt, PRWeb.
Catherine Duc, Award-Winning Australian Composer, Named 'Instrumental Artist of The Year' at Global Competition

Duc was honored at the 16th annual International Los Angeles Music Awards. Her melodies, thrilling and full of sweeping grandeur, lend themselves to motion picture scores.

Los Angeles, December 5, 2006 -- Catherine Duc (, award-winning Australian composer and musician, has won another major award. This time she was chosen from a talented field of thousands of international artists and named 'Instrumental Artist of The Year' in the 16th Annual International Los Angeles Music Awards.

The Los Angeles Music Awards encourages musicians from all over the globe to reach out to the Music Capital of the World, and gain much deserved respect and exposure for their abundant, if undiscovered, talent. Now in it’s 16th year, the awards gala was held on November 9 at the Music Box Theatre. Past winners who have gone on to critical acclaim and mainstream success include Paula Abdul, Jackson Browne, System of a Down, Jack Black and the Black Eyed Peas. The show is internationally recognized as the top independent music awards in the world.

Catherine melds Celtic and world-music melodies with contemporary rhythms and cinematic elements on her album 'Visions and Dreams’. Her CD has gained radio airplay internationally. Positive reviews from an admiring press and industry insiders have come rolling in. Artist, Repertiore and International Licensing magazine stated: "As an award winning composer, Catherine Duc has an achieved an excellent cohesive tone... a truly inspired collection of work". International Music Online describes Catherine's album as: "A remarkable piece of work from a remarkably accomplished musician composer." Renee Gelpi, host with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Galaxy service raves: “Your music on Visions and Dreams is glorious. Excellent writing and arranging brings out exciting emotions. Loved it.” says: "It's hardly surprising that this Melbourne composer has a film degree, her ambient soundscapes could easily find their way onto a movie soundtrack: a coming-of-age tale, say, set in a mysterious foreign land, with Duc's mix of Celtic folk winds, lush synth washes, and pulsing percussion underlining a dramatic meeting of cultures."

Catherine's music is ideal for creating atmospheric moods for film, TV and other multimedia productions and is available for licensing. She has a degree in film music from the London School of Creative Studies. She can be contacted at the details below.

For more information on the Los Angeles Music Awards, visit:


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