Last Supper of the Album Faith by Jmusiz

There's nothing better than the Last Supper beat. The uniqueness of the arrangement is impressive. Radio and club DJs will have a field day with this beat. Jmusiz did an excellent job overall. Listen to the Last Supper and let us know your thoughts.

Music Producer/Composer Member Of Timberland Beatclub Jmusiz is a person who is full of love. Your beautiful emotions create harmony and balance for anyone who is lucky enough to become your friend. He is always graceful and charming when dealing with others. Your emotional intelligence is very high.

Vanity Rose - Pretty Girls Get Lonely

The band Vanity Rose has released a new song called "Pretty Girls Get Lonely" on Family Tree Services/Good Partners. The Hip Hop and R&B trio is made up of artists Hazel, Hennessy, and Honey provide an exceptional mix of melodic rap tunes and heavy-hitting bars, with one common theme: female empowerment.

Get to know BMF Hawk

Kamal Rashad Hawkins musically known as BMF Hawk was born and raised in the notorious Crenshaw District Neighborhood of Los Angeles. BMF Hawk was a stunning athlete playing basketball, football, and track and field in the Crenshaw District Neighborhood of Los Angeles. His wise intellect could never be expressed through a jump shot or touchdown. Therefore he found poetry, then he found music, and that was the most effective way to express himself. Growing up his music was influenced and inspired by Tupac, Nas, and Jay-Z.

JJ Maestas and Ted Vidimos

JJ Maestas and Ted Vidimos' "Three Keys" is a smooth, fun, and upbeat song. This song has plenty of strings and is a worthwhile listen. With a solid foundation, you can hear the guitar underlying the songs. The song is produced well and the vocals are excellent. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts.

JJ Maestas and Ted Vidimos have been writing songs together since 1987. Ted and JJ formed LOC in 2006. They are based in Denver with Bonnell Washington and Ted Kresge. While they have moved on to other projects, Ted and JJ continue to write songs together 35 years later. Our Left on Colfax music is streamed on all musical platforms.

Who is Shaka Banton?

Shaka's song "Don't Try It" is out everywhere.

Shaka Banton's story illustrates a strong-hearted individual. Expresses his emotions and passion about his music, downfalls, love, and the strength it takes to stand out in a crowd. Shaka says music saved his life. It gave him an open door out of the oppression in his environment.

Get to know Pace James

Let the beat drop with "Soft Fire". It's a great song, and the flow of the song and the way the composition is arranged are impressive. Pace makes you want to listen because one does not know what to expect. The song is upbeat and is excellent for any party scene as well as if you're just chilling and want something that reaches your soul to listen to. His vocals serve as a smooth delivery over the track and give the listener something to anticipate. Overall, the song is well-produced.

Believe by Taz

Let's learn more about Taz! Taz is a professional musician who has released the song "Believe" under the label Rag to Righteous Ministry. Taz is serious about where he's heading with his music. Take a listen to Believe and let us know your thoughts.

Tate Simms' "Crazy in Love"

Tate Simms' "Crazy in Love" is a great song. It is well produced and has a great breakdown, tone, and delivery. The powerful voice brings a chill. The production is exceptional. The strings on guitars are seriously some of the highest quality. Listen to "Crazy In Love" by Tate Simms and let us know what you think. The vocal range in this song is wonderful and makes you want to listen more.


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