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To promote your music on Amazon, you need to create an account at Amazon MP3. Once you've created an account, you can upload your songs for free. Then, you can use Amazon MP3's tools to promote your music.


Create an Amazon Seller Account.
If you're looking to sell your own music online, you first need to create an Amazon seller account. This will allow you to list your products on Amazon. You can also add links to your website so people can buy your music directly through your site.

List Your Music.
To start selling your music on Amazon, you must first register as an Amazon seller. Once you've registered, you can upload your music files to Amazon's MP3 store. Then, you can choose whether to make your music available for free download or to charge a fee for each song sold.

Add Tags & Descriptions.
If you're uploading your music to Amazon, you should add tags and descriptions to help people find your music. You can use the Amazon search bar at the top of the page to search for songs by artist name, album title, or genre.

Set Prices.
Once you've uploaded your music, you need to set prices. This will allow you to make money off of your music. To set prices, click "Manage" next to each song. Then, select the price you'd like to charge.

Start Selling!
You can also use Amazon's free tools to help you sell more. These tools include the Amazon MP3 Store, where you can upload your music and start selling it immediately; the Amazon Cloud Player, which allows you to stream your music directly from Amazon's servers; and the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform, which lets you publish ebooks and other media files directly to Amazon's website.  Promote your music on Amazon!

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Once the musician's song is properly programmed and begins receiving radio spins, a weekly report is provided to the client from the Digital Radio Tracker company. The musician song is also reported to Nelsen, BDS encoding, and Mediabase to obtain royalties and song tracks. Songs that are encoded correctly can then evaluate to potential get on Billboard and CMJ charts.

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