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Get Your Music Heard - The Power of Guaranteed Radio Airplay stars

Benefits of Guaranteed Radio Airplay

  • Exposure: Guaranteed radio airplay can introduce your music to a wider audience and help you gain new fans.
  • Credibility: Having your music played on the radio lends credibility to your music and can help you attract industry attention.
  • Increased Opportunities: Radio airplay can open doors to new opportunities such as music licensing

Are you an aspiring musician looking to break into the music industry? Are you tired of your music going unnoticed and unheard? Well, look no further - guaranteed radio airplay might just be the key to unlocking your music career!

Why Radio Airplay Matters

Radio airplay has been a crucial component of a musician's success for decades. It has the power to introduce your music to a wide audience, create buzz around your songs, and ultimately propel your music career to new heights. With the rise of streaming platforms and social media, radio airplay still holds a special place in the hearts of music lovers and industry professionals alike.

The Challenge of Getting Airplay

Securing radio airplay can be a daunting task for many musicians. With thousands of artists vying for limited airtime, it can be difficult to stand out and get your music heard. Traditional methods of getting airplay, such as submitting music to radio stations or hiring a radio promoter, can be expensive and yield uncertain results.

The Solution:  Guaranteed Radio Airplay

Enter guaranteed radio airplay - a revolutionary way for musicians to ensure their music gets played on the radio. With guaranteed radio airplay services, you can bypass the traditional barriers to airplay and get your music heard by thousands of listeners. These services work by connecting musicians with radio stations that are willing to play their music in exchange for a fee.

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Billboard Music Promotions

Hey there! Just wanted to give you the heads up that we've started our Billboard and CMJ radio promotions sales for artists' latest releases. Super excited to your music out there and hope everyone enjoys it! Let us help you and get you the support you need!

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Submit Your Music to over 5000 DJ's WorldWide!

Hey Musicians!

Are you ready to turn up the heat on the dance floor with your hot new tracks? We've got just what you need to get the party started with your track!

Submit your music to DJ/Clubs/Radio and reports in 7 days stars

Typically, musicians will receive tracking after 7-10 days, but if you wait until 15 days, you'll get a better result! The combination of SKY.FM, SomaFM, AccuRadio, and others, which are the world's largest independent Internet Club terrestrial radio networks promote music! All serious musicians should be found here.

With the combined community of thousands of broadcasters and millions of listeners, the Network is the perfect tool to reach new and existing audiences. Get your music into the hands and ears of 5,000 Internet Club terrestrial radio DJs. Do your submission the right way so you can be included. .MP3 MUST have a bitrate of 320 kbps - If not, the project will be rejected!! Or you can pay an extra 5.00 for the conversion. 10.00 includes 1 Song submission and Proof of submission. Please note it takes 10-15 days for results.


Get the Radio/DJ/Club Reports!

Listen to Psyclo called Smash

Originally from China, Psyclo is now based in Los Angeles and is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Throughout her youth, Psyclo spent a large part of her time away from music and the music industry. As a result of a lack of social skills, she found out that the film industry was not for her after graduating from film school. She now shares her feelings through music. The song Smash is a popular choice for clubs. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts.

J.Howell - Right For Me

New music from J.Howell Called Right For Me was Released Under JTP Production which is Impacting Urban Mainstream on January 9th & 10th!!!**

Music Promotions for Your Business

Music promotion is an important part of any musician’s career. Whether you're promoting yourself or another artist, these tips will help you get the attention you deserve.

5 Ways to Generate More Radio Airplay with Your Music

Radio stations often use a combination of factors when deciding which songs to play. These include how many times the song has been played in the past, how well the song fits into the station's format, and whether the song is popular enough to warrant playing again.

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