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5 Tips for Increasing Your Youtube View Counts Quickly
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5 Tips for Increasing Your Youtube View Counts Quickly

The Panda is now in effect!

But how does this affect video views? Here are five tips to increase your YouTube view counts.
If you’ve ever tried to optimize your YouTube videos for search engines, you might have noticed that there are two different ways to do so. One method involves using tags and descriptions to describe your video and another uses keywords. Both methods work well, but some people prefer one over the other.


Create Videos That Are Easy To Find.
Tags and descriptions are easy to use and will allow you to easily find your videos when searching for them online. However, they aren’t as effective at driving views as keywords. This is because tags and descriptions only appear in the search results after a user has typed something into the search bar.
Keywords, on the other hand, show up before a user even starts typing. They also appear in the title of the video itself, making them easier to click on than tags and descriptions.

Include Calls To Action In Your Video Titles.
If you’ve ever tried to watch a video without clicking through to the website, then you know how frustrating it can be. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your titles contain calls to action. These are links that lead directly to the website where people can learn more about your product or service.

Add Tags And Descriptions For Better Ranking.
In addition to adding tags and descriptions, you should also add related videos to your description. This will help search engines understand what your video is about.

Promote Your Videos Through Social Media.
If you’ve been following our blog posts, you know we recommend using social media as part of your strategy to promote your videos. There are several ways to use social media to promote your videos. One of the easiest ways is to share them with your friends and family. Another option is to post links to your videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

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