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5 Ways To Promote Your BDS Radio Shows
5 Ways To Promote Your BDS Radio Shows Longe Magazine & Distribution

5 Ways To Promote Your BDS Radio Shows

 “BDS Radio€ is an online radio show that airs on Saturdays at 2 pm EST. It features interviews with authors, musicians, artists, activists, and other interesting people. The show also has a podcast available for download.

Create an iTunes Podcast Page.
If you haven't done so yet, create an iTunes podcast page for your show. This will allow listeners to subscribe to your show through iTunes. You'll need to add a description, cover image, and tags to make sure your show shows up when people search for podcasts.

Add it to your website.
Next, add your show to your website. Include links to your social media pages and any other relevant websites where you can share your show. Finally, use Google AdWords to advertise your show.

Build a Facebook page.
If you're not familiar with Facebook advertising, it's an easy way to reach people who might be interested in your show. You can set up a campaign to run ads on Facebook, which will allow you to target people based on age, gender, location, interests, and more.

Start a Twitter account.
Twitter is another great platform for promoting your podcast. It's free to use and has a lot of potential listeners. Just make sure to follow some simple rules when using Twitter to promote your podcast.

Post about it on social media.
You can also post about it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more. Make sure to tag the people who will listen to your podcast so they can find it easily.

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