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Tyler Perry's  "The Oval".
The oval BET

Tyler Perry's "The Oval".

After watching the first episode of the new television show "The Oval", one must simply wonder if Tyler Perry is trying to bring back the new next "Scandal". The difference with "The Oval" vs. "Scandal" is that "The Oval" simply looks low budget. This show is classless. The show is about an interracial couple who are now in the white house with their two children. The first episode started out with a fight between the President and the First Lady indicating this show will definitely be about drama. It seems that Tyler Perry has a pattern in his TV show productions it looks like another "Have or Have not".

 The Oval cast includes (Hunter Franklin/President) played by actor Ed Quinn, (Victoria Franklin/First Lady)played by actress Kron Moore, (Gayle Franklin/First Daughter ) played by actress Paige Hurd and (Jason Franklin/First Son) played by actor Daniel Croix Henderson. As the show seems like the drama will be on a next level scale and not about politics with a twist, it's sad Tyler has this BET platform with a major black supporting audience, but always makes the black women look bad. Only time will tell with the direction of this show.

The great thing about the show it provides a real feeling of the actual white house. This is because Tyler Perry built the first and only exact replica of the Washington DC White House. The White House replica sits on a 330-acre studio complex in this Atlanta suburb. Tyler Perry Studios complex is said to be bigger than Disney, Paramount, Sony and Warner studios combined. Atlanta is “Black Hollywood,” Georgia should be filled with pride. It's lights, camera, & action for the city of Atlanta.

The first episode was showing the audience how one president leaves the white house as once enter. The new administration is moving in and getting ready to attend the United States presidential inaugural balls which is a black-tie social event to welcome the new president. The staff at the white house paid homage to the Obam's who was the previous president. The staff also clearly sees off-hand that new entering administration is classless. The Cheif of staff played by Lodric D. Collins gave the Head Bulter (Javon Johnson) specific instruction on what to do the new president's belongings to point where he needs to help, so he calls his son Barry (Vaughn W. Hebron ) for assistance. The first daughter Gale is being painted to be a slut by coming on to Bulter's son Barry and when caught out she screamed rape.

This show is not focusing on politics at all when it could use the platform for good. With the Trump administration, this can be a show to demonstrate what should really go on and how some of the problems in the world can be solved within great entertainment.

Overall, "The Oval" is similar to all of Perry's productions. This show can develop to be better only time will tell. But as of now it just seems low budget with bad acting.

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