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Balsamic chicken with apple, lentil and …

Meals I have enjoy and think is great if you want eat well, feel great and not gain weight. This meal only has 394...


Society and the Greatness of Motherhood

Most mothers proudly post pictures of their children on social media sites and delight at the antics young children perform as they are...


The Fame Affair Hosted by Ricky "Tr…

This professional affair was not how the night was to be spent, But none the less, it turned out enjoyable. The goal is...


Omeil's Black & White Ball at the lu…

Is More than a Birthday Party with  Omeil & her celebrity friends,  a Portion of the profit will donate to the Connecticut battered women's...


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Michael Londrigan (Dean) LIM College

As a speaker of at the Longe Media Conference and business expo 2013, what is being done is great! fostering the minds of...


F. Spence Consultant (DKNY & Micheal…

The Longe Fashion Week Expo was great! As a Judge, I found the production to have talented designers that will become household names.F...


Keith Humphery (Professional Chair) Nati…

As the keynotes speaker at the Longe Media Conference & Business Expo 2013, the merger between Business, Fashion & Entertainment is extremely innovatedKeith...


Ms. Terrelonge (CMO) Longe Expo

The Longé Media Conferences & Business Expo takes place in Atlanta June 2014 and in Connecticut September 2014. This Expo offer the unique...


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