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Social Media Marketing Tips To Help You Get Downloads of Your Music, Apps & Books
Social Media Marketing Tips To Help You Get Downloads of Your Music, Apps & Books Longe Magazine & Distribution

Social Media Marketing Tips To Help You Get Downloads of Your Music, Apps & Books

How a buyer goes about downloading content on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device from Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon. Here is what they do options too.


Check reviews first.
Before most users download anything, they check out reviews. If people are complaining about something, then chances are it won't download or purchase the item.

Read/Listen carefully.
Users make sure they read the description or listen to the music carefully. It will tell them what's included with the app/book or if the music is good. This includes any limitations, such as how much space it takes up on your phone (Therefore, Comprise your quality file the best you can)

Most Users Don't download anything without reading it first.
If a user is not sure whether an app/book is safe to download or the music is worthwhile they check out the reviews. Reviews give a good idea of whether the app, book, or music has been downloaded by other people.

Users/Buyers check the price before buying.
Price your item reasonably. Provide a free snip of the item. Get your family and friend to download your item and leave a 5-star review. Embed the code from the platform on your websites, and post the links on all social media websites. Use tools AddMEFAST to get read organic people to like your page and increase your social/media platform actions.

Most Buyer Never buys an app/book or download Music that doesn't have a good reputation.
For a buyer looking to download something from the App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon they once again check out reviews first. Most users do their research before buying anything. So make sure your reputation is good!

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